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A Place Of His Own | DIY Toddler Bed 

Hey!  Remember me?  No.....I don't blame you. It has been awhile, and a whirlwind summer of adventure, but more on that later (but seriously). 

Gray and I have spent the past few weeks building a space for The Beast and his imagination to grow. Some would call it a bed, The Beast calls it his "club house".  

(Oh look at me taking pictures while there is still saw dust all over the floor. Just fantastic Ella)

The good:


  • It is awesome. 
  • It was cost effective
  • The Beast loves it
  • It is a monstrosity, but we can live with it.  It gives The Beast more floor space in our tiny house to construct, roll, play, jump and just all around be a kid. 
  • Dude, an in house rock wall? Alright! 


The bad:


  • The Beast loves the bed so much, he refuses to come to our bed in the morning and cuddle with us while we all wake up.  Instead of him waking up, calling for us, us going in to his room, grabbing him and then bringing him to our room...he wakes up, calls us, we go into his room and he says "Dada (because let's be honest, Gray is the less lazy one of us) come here Dada. Hold me. Come up here Dada" and then they fall back asleep and wake up sometime later. While I lay all alone in bed....sobbing because I am lonely....or some version of that. I really didn't anticipate this issue. I am not sure how much I like it.


The Details:


  • We used this Ana White design as inspiration and tailored it for our space and to be a bit more toddler friendly by doing a series of smaller steps and platforms as well as making the railing much higher (the blind cord is usually rolled up - I am noticing that I should have taken less realistic photos and tidied up a bit). 
  • The rock holds are from Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear, and they are fantastic.  Heavy duty, high quality, come with the hardware and super easy to install. You will need an allen wrench, so don't forget that

The Beast seems to loves his space - from rescuing animals "on top of the mountain" to snuggling up and reading on a cold rainy day, I personally feel like his room is turning into a fun, magical space that grows with him - and I am glad that he seemingly shares these views. 

And just for cute is this Ghost that my Mother In La, Sue, did with him?