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Avoiding Responsibilities | Non-plastic Toys

It is late and I should be doing things that are not poking around on the internet....

.....but you really should check these out. 

Totem Toys by Kidsonroof

Totem Toys, Book Of Animals: Lion by Kidsonroof


Let's Go Shopping! | Toys For 9-12 Month Olds

Hey Kate!
So Babies 'R' Us visually assaulted you? I am so sorry.

Hey readers! No idea what I am talking about?

Kate sent an email to us, asking for help finding toys (she is already loaded down with books, rattles and mirrors) for her 8 month old, starting-to-crawl, son.  

So, let's start shopping!

Since your handsome son is at the stage where sorting and stacking are most likely on his "to do" list, one type of toy that might help develop these skill are toys like....

Stacking Toys

Fun Stacker by Plan Toys



My First Stacker by Green Toys

and this:

Small Wood Rainbow Stacking Tower by Grimm's Spiel Und Holz Design

Or, if you have an international connection (or don't mind shipping costs) this amazing piece of art:

Shape Sorting Truck (lorrey) by Janod

Eekgawd I love it! 

Also, to feed into the sorting aspect of this stage, shape sorters are no one trick ponies (although the full concept of the toy will most likely be one that your son will need help with now, and grow into later)! You can do all sorts of things with it, like teaching "empty vs. full" and "In vs. Out" (Grilled cheese sandwich, grilled onions and chopped chilies please!), and then when you are doing shapes in a few months this toy will still be perfect, not to mention the continued fine motor skill development toys like this promote. So, a toy that is great for now, and great for later. Works for me!

Shape Sorters

Shake 'n' Match Shape Sorter by Educo

Is anyone else starting to notice a serious color theme?

Shape Sorting Cube by Melissa and Doug

Also, around this time kids are starting to connect behaviors, meaning - “If I push this button, it makes a loud noise”. So, to help encourage their minds, snagging toys with buttons, levers and dials would be awesome.

Lastly, since your son is army crawling now, that just means you are mere months away from walking. Which means that you could start thinking about a push toy or activity block since your soon to be cruiser will be ready for it in the blink of an eye. 

My favorite? 

Push Toy

The StrollKart by Kaiku Design

Or even an activity cube (This thing is huge and a little much but our local library has one and kids of all ages are OBSESSED with it.) 

Activity Cube

Busy School Activity Cube by Parents

Some other great choices?

Any kind of Ball - you guys can take turns rolling it back and forth, pushing it around the room, throwing it...or, chewing on it. 

Peek-A-Boo Ball by Wonderworld

Musical toys


Early Melodies Pound and Tap Bench by Educo

Nesting Blocks


Rocking Owl and Nesting Toy at Bikks + Kids

Red Stacking and Nesting Blocks at Bikks + Kids

Oh - and have I told you about my obsession with Rody Horse?  He is our best friend and photo bombs EVERY photo I take in the living room. It's okay. I forgive him because The Beast loves him so much. 

Well Kate, those are just my suggestions.  Personally, we own several of these items (Rody, The xylophone pounding thingy, the nesting owls, and stacking rings similar to those pictured, but not nearly as cool) and they have all been used and are currently loved by my 13 month old Beast. 

And, as a last item of business, I am a huge fan of all toys by Janod (but again, that whole international thing) , Sibi and Plan.

Oh, and hey readers - what toys would you recommend for Kate?