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Meet Bork! | Personal Project

I don't really know where this got started, but our family has a new friend.  He is a sassy, sassy boy who enjoys a healthy meal.  He doesn't like when people don't use their manners and in general he is a bit of an odd ball.

Really, he fits in perfectly, and Wes couldn't live without him!

Friends, meet Bork!

Wes is seriously smitten with Bork, and thinks he is one of the more humorus things in his life.  Yes, yes he is a champagne cork  with some sewing pins stuck into it. Nothing but the finest over here in our household.  

So, while picking up some supplies for Small Life Studio at Michaels, I saw some wooden spoons and thought Wes would flip his lid if Bork had parents. 

He did.

Miles loves them too.

I don't know why those boys loves these guys, but they do!