The Finches

Charlotte and Ella: Two moms who met on the Internet and love design, simplicity, and sustainability.




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Meet the Finches - I'm Charlotte

Welcome to Finch Found! As a way to get this blog started, we thought we should introduce you to the women behind the scenes.

I’m Charlotte. And that wee one in the Ergo is my beautiful daughter Cora. She’s now 8 months old.

Cora’s love for being worn inspired me to open my own Etsy shops:

At Red Charlotte you can find baby carrier sucking pads and stuff sacks.

At Blue Cora you can find mini cake buntings, gift packaging, and supplies.


I’ve been a long time buyer on Etsy and transitioning to both a seller and a buyer has reinforced some of my core beliefs and desires:

1)      I believe in supporting the handmade movement

2)      I believe in supporting work at home moms

3)      I want items that are high-quality and long lasting

4)      Style and design are not mutually exclusive from handmade

While not everything I buy is handmade, I do try to look at the principles behind the corporations I buy from and that the products they sell are good for me, my baby, and if possible, the environment.

A few of my current passions?

Fabric, gorgeous, gorgeous fabric.

Zinnia Blooms in Aqua-Brown-Pink by Sweet Tooth for Anthology sold by Down Shadow Lane

Raindrops in Blue, Green, Yellow by Carolyn Gavin for Spring Street sold by Fresh Modern Fabric

Petals in Fuchsia by Andrea Victoria for My Mind’s Eye sold by Uber Stitch

School Days Alphabet by Timeless Treasures sold by Lucky Kaeru Fabric

Chunky necklaces. The chunkier the better.

Frida - Red, Carved Cinnabar Flower and Turquoise Stone Necklace by Polished Two

 The Calico Necklace #2 by Tamar

The Betty by Dana LeBlanc Designs

Vintage Inspired Fuchsia Rose and Green Bead Necklace by Beautiful Disaster by J

Unique baby dolls and plushies. I want them all!

Orange and White Spotty Super Bug Cloth Doll by Murdoch Designs 

Cara by Goodbye Blue Monday

Daisy by Ashland Hill

Three Babushka Russian Matryoshka Dolls by Tadpole Creations

How about you? What are some of your favorite things right now?


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