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ZAZA Baby Hammock, Toddler Swing | Product Review


When our ZAZA baby hammock arrived at our house, I knew lots of things about it. I knew it was handmade in Israel by a wonderful woman named Robyn, I knew the fabrics used to create the baby hammock + toddler swing were upcycled, frequently vintage and I knew that it was a versatile product that could either be positioned to create a baby hammock, or you could switch it up and make it a comfy swing for a child. I also knew it was a product that The Beast would love. It was just one of those products that I knew would fit in with our family, and who our son is as a tiny human being.

What I didn't expect was how quickly the ZAZA baby hammock and toddler swing would become his everything.

When I say his everything, I mean it. 


It is the place he goes when he isn't feeling well (okay seriously, the worst picture of us EVER, but he was so, so, so, sick with a 104+ degree temperature and all he wanted to do was bounce in his hammock. Yes I said bounce. The bounce kit consists of two huge elastic bungee loops to make the baby hammock + Toddler Swing bounce. By far the greatest ad on ever!) 

It is his snack fort

It is his reading nook

It is the place he goes when he feels the world getting away from him and he needs a happy to cancel it all out (AKA he is mad that he wasn't allowed to do something he wanted to and feels the need to cry about it).  

Don't worry, that is a happy scream! No, really. It is. 

It truly is his space. We live in a nice cozy 900 sq. ft. house, and while our living room is basically his play room, the hammock has really carved out a safe spot that is really, truly,  just his, and when company comes over, if the hammock is hanging up in our living room we just take down the two carabineer and toss it in a closet. 

I could keep blabbing on and on about this product, because it is such a big part of our household, but, I will end it here with a few important things.  

One thing I really, really appreciate about the hammock? The versatility.
If you didn't notice, all the pictures thus far were taken indoors. That is because we (using this term loosely here folks.  I did nothing) installed two really simple eyelet screws into our ceiling so the ZAZA Baby Hammock and Toddler is able to be used indoors. However, since the kit comes with the complete set up for hanging it up in a tree, we just grab the hammock, toss the ropes around the tree (or any other anchor spot), click in the carabineer and we are good to go in 25 seconds, tops. There is no permanent instillation required for the outdoors because Robyn had the foresight to make it easy to set up, and easy to take down. You could even throw it up for a nap at the park. Check out this quick 60 second video that shows you how to set up your ZAZA hammock outside.


One thing you should plan on? Having an extra pillow handy
Kids are little, and seats are deep.  To ensure that The Beast is propped up and happy, we almost always end up tossing a pillow in the bottom of the hammock. It also helps when he is napping to support his body.

One thing that isn't lame? Dude, the bounce kit.
A pretty simple thought, but the bounce kit has been one of The Beast's favorite things about the hammock. He loves to sit and bounce, and have us bounce him to sleep - or as he says. "Bow, Bow?". 

One thing I find really interesting? Did you know that indoor hammocks and swings are often used for children with sensory processing disorders and children with Autism? I didn't. 
The Beast doesn't have any sensory processing disorders, and he isn't autistic, but I had no idea that indoor hammocks and swings were used for sensory integration therapy until I started looking into hammocks for The Beast.   

Also, if you are interested in how to hang up an indoor hammock or swing in your house, my husband is putting together a tutorial on how to do it, and I should have it up next week!  

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