A Place Of His Own | DIY Toddler Bed 
Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 9:15AM
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Hey!  Remember me?  No.....I don't blame you. It has been awhile, and a whirlwind summer of adventure, but more on that later (but seriously). 

Gray and I have spent the past few weeks building a space for The Beast and his imagination to grow. Some would call it a bed, The Beast calls it his "club house".  

(Oh look at me taking pictures while there is still saw dust all over the floor. Just fantastic Ella)

The good:



The bad:



The Details:


The Beast seems to loves his space - from rescuing animals "on top of the mountain" to snuggling up and reading on a cold rainy day, I personally feel like his room is turning into a fun, magical space that grows with him - and I am glad that he seemingly shares these views. 

And just for fun....how cute is this Ghost that my Mother In La, Sue, did with him? 



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